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Talk: Remnants of a Separation - 1947

Talk: Remnants of a Separation - 1947

 Quick Info
India Habitat Center,​
Gulmohar Hall,
Lodhi Road, New Delhi
Meeting Time 2/6/2016 6:30:00 PM
Meeting Point Gulmohar Hall
Nearest Metro Jor Bagh
(900 mts.)
 Charges None
 Type Heritage Durbar (Talk)
 Speaker Aanchal Malhotra
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Feb 6

Talk: Remnants of a Separation - 1947 India Habitat Center
When: 07:00 PM

2/6/2016 7:00:00 PM 2/6/2016 9:00:00 PM 68 Talk: Remnants of a Separation - 1947 ‘Remnants of a Separation’ attempts to narrate an alternative history of the Partition of India through material memory. India Habitat Center Youth for Heritage Foundation false DD/MM/YYYY

About the Event

With the departure of British rule, both India and Pakistan could call themselves free nations. But apart from gaining independence in August 1947, it also paved the way for the largest mass migration of people in the history of the world, moving to and from both countries.
‘Remnants of a Separation’ attempts to narrate an alternative history of the Partition of India through material memory. It is a study into the objects that individuals took with them when they left their homes at the time of the Great Divide- the belongings that became a part of their life, their journey- whatever shape it was to take, and those which are now a part of their histories.
What do you take with you when you don’t know whether you will live to see tomorrow? Do you take anything at all? Is it the tangible- money, valuables, luggage or the intangible that accompanies you- memories, values, a feeling of displacement…
Whatever objects remain today from this event carry within it the history of a place and the distant image of a true home. These objects and the individuals that they belong to are the subjects of this multidisciplinary research work that takes the form of images and text based on primary interviews, historical study and factual research.

About the Speaker

Aanchal Malhotra is a multidisciplinary artist living in Delhi. She received a MFA in Studio Art from Concordia University in 2015. Her thesis project entitled, 'Remnants of a Separation' is a study of the material remains of the Partition of the Indian Subcontinent in 1947.
She is interested in the mundane, acts of recollection and the malleability of our memory. Her projects explore the synthesis between images and the written word, often reflecting on issues like cultural diaspora in the context of the everyday, notions of belonging to a place, the forgotten fragments of collective experiences, and the poignancy of the banal image.

How to Reach

By Car: From AIIMS, reach Safdarjung Tomb and turn right on Lodhi Road. Take another Right from the Islamic Centre on Lodhi Road. Turn left immediately into the (IHC) gates and park in IHC Basement.
If coming from Nizamuddin side, take the service lane from Airforce Bal Bharti School. Take left into the gates of IHC and park
By Metro: Get down at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium and you may walk upto the IHC. Some may also choose to get down at Jor Bagh Metro Station or the Khan Market Station. A battery/auto rikshaw can help you reach the venue easily
By Bus: India Habitat Centre is a famous bus stop on Lodhi Road, well connected by many routes.
Once at India Habitat Centre, come to Gulmohar Hall on first floor opposite Stein Auditorium

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