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Forgotten fort of Indorie

About Youth For Heritage Foundation

In 2009, the idea of promoting heritage was sparked within the founder of Youth For Heritage Foundation. It took him five years to establish a nation-wide movement to spread the love for heritage. In 2014, the club got registered in the form of Youth for Heritage Foundation and began activities on a much larger scale.

Journey so far

Delhi Heritage/Didar-i-Dilli

Monuments of Delhi The initiative of Didar-i-Dilli started in 2009 as a small personal tour within Delhi. It didn't take any time for those visitors to realize that Delhi has much more to offer than what is being publically promoted. This initiative was immediately launched with an idea of promoting the heritage of Delhi through Internet. was launched without any delay and which today contains the largest online repository of information on Delhi's Heritage. This initiative was later taken to the second level through social media by launching the Delhi Heritage Photography Club and the Twitter Handle 'Delhi Heritage'. This initiative gets featured in news time to time and more and more people gets benefited from it every day.

Delhi Heritage Photography Club

Group Photograph - Delhi Heritage Photography Club The Delhi Heritage Photography Club saw light in October 2010, when the founders of Didar-i-Dilli initiative realized that we need a bigger and better plan to promote and protect the heritage. Looking at the ever growing craze of photography and realizing the power of Social Media, the idea of an online photography club dedicated to heritage was coined. In 2010, this club was started from Facebook and soon became one of the fastest growing online clubs. Members of this group post photographs of monuments and historic structures from across the globe. These structures are often neglected or forgotten. Once a picture is posted, members discuss about its architecture and history. This way, people get aware of more and more historic buildings and their importance and the foot fall at the monument increases. With this increased footfall, the awareness and tourism also flourishes.
Taking this initiative forward, the club, now commonly referred as DHPC conducted a major exhibition in 2012 at the India Habitat Centre of Delhi. This exhibition had over 100 pictures of the monuments of Delhi. In 2014, the story was repeated when a much bigger exhibition was organized at all 4 lobbies of the India Habitat Centre and the focus was on Forgotten & lesser known structures of Delhi.

Heritage Durbar

Heritage Durbar with Raza Rumi at Hauz Khas Another big step was taken in 2013 with the inception of "Heritage Durbar" Series. Under ths banner, famous historians and heritage activists are invited to share their experiences and learnings with young heritage lovers. This initiative is a step ahead from regular lectures/seminars as a Durbar is conducted at some Monument and the audience gets to interact with the personality in a much better manner. With personalities like K.K. Muhammed, Sohail Hashmi, R.V.Smith and Dr. Shariful Hasan Qasemi on panel, the Heritage Durbar is growing day by day benefiting more and more heritage lovers. The group can be found on Facebook. In the picture on right, you can see famous Pakistani journalist Janab Raza Rumi sharing his experiences of Delhi at the historic site of Hauz Khas during the launch of his bestseller 'Delhi by Heart'. We conduct such Durbars at various monuments and auditoriums every month.

Heritage Hunter

Heritage Hunter is the initiative of Youth for Heritage Foundation, where rare and unknown heritage sites across India are explored and promoted. While Delhi Heritage and Delhi Heritage Photography Club are limited to Delhi's heritage richness, the Heritage Hunter group goes far beyond the boundaries of Delhi and try to explore more and more rare and forgotten sites. This group does nto limit itself to any particular state or city. Members from across India feed information related to forgotten/lost sites and after proper research, a tour is planned to the site, where few members travel to that place, click pictures and promote the site via social media and Blogs.

Youth for Heritage Emblem

Unknown Tomb near Moth ki Masjid, Delhi Logo of Youth for Heritage Foundation The Youth for Heritage Emblem contains a motif from an unknown tomb in the Masjid Moth area of Delhi. This unknown structure belongs to Lodhi Period and has been badly affected by urbanization. It is situated at: 28.562439, 77.214667
In the emblem, the leaf wreath around this motif emerge from an encircled 'Y', which denotes that 'Youth shall protect the heritage'.
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